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Green Commitment: Demanding Best-Practices on all Our Jobsites

our green commitmentbuilt-green-bc-logo-002We at WJ Murphy are committed to improving the world and the environment we live in. We will always use the best of materials, ensuring that the buildings we construct stand the test of time, saving on replacement materials in the future. It is better to lay a roof once with good shingles than opt for the cheaper kind and end up having to replace them within the next few years.

The quality of material can also save energy. Instead of disposing of excess lumber and supplies, we will keep them on hand for use in future projects. For example, one piece of wood can be used to frame out the pouring of concrete instead of being thrown away.

One of the key green initiatives available today is reuse, and that is something that we consistently uphold. WJ. Murphy Contracting Ltd. is Built Green Certified and are experienced with the criteria of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects. When at a job site, we recycle all materials, including the bottles and plastics brought in by our workers. Anything that is not recyclable will be disposed of correctly and safely. The job site will be left clean every day, not only ensuring a tidy workplace but warding against littering as well. Whenever possible, we will use recycled materials in our buildings, keeping our green commitment.

W.J. Murphy Contracting Ltd. will always endeavour to use every piece of material possible in a project; we will not waste cutting one piece of lumber when two precut pieces will fit. Our dedication to being green is reflected in the quality of materials that we use, our recycling and reuse practices, and our commitment to using recycled materials whenever they are available.