Site Safety

safe sites

The owners and its Prime Contractor (WJ Murphy Contracting Ltd.) is sincerely concerned and committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all Employees, Contractors, Sub-contractors, their Employees and Inspectors and Visitors. We expect all participants to follow a high standard of safety, so that the work site is free from known and recognized safety and health hazards. We place a high value on following the Rules and Regulations of the Workers’ Compensation Board and require that these Rules and Regulations are followed to the best of all abilities, including but not limited to producing proper documentation and having Written Safe Work Procedures where required.

We recognize that it will be the Contractors and Subcontractors that will be doing the majority of work and these persons will be employing the majority of workers on the site. It is the responsibility of these Contractors to ensure their staff is properly trained and equipped. We provide an initial Safety Orientation. Throughout the project we will maintain a vigilant safety watch and do our best to ensure that work done is not creating undue risks and hazards. We expect our Contractors to follow the same high standards we demand of our Construction Site personnel.

Everyone responsible for the safety on this project must be familiar with, and take all reasonable precautions to comply with the rules as stated in the WCB Act, and its published Rights and Regulations. We encourage those that are unwilling to work in accordance to these guidelines to seek employment elsewhere, for it is our desire to complete our projects with no accidents.

WJ Murphy Contracting Ltd. and our staff are pleased to remain accident-free for the past 14 years.