W. J. Murphy Contracting Ltd Is continually updating our systems, incorporating new ideas and responding to changing markets. We are always looking for ways to improve delivery of projects in a cost effective and organized manner.

In recent years we have dramatically increased the usage of computer programs to expedite the delivery of time sensitive documents and to communicate with clients, sub trades and consultants. Our project sites are fully equipped offices that allow easy communication between our various project locations and our main office. The efficient use of this resource is very important in a competitive market place.

We have developed our own in-house system for cost estimating, accounting and scheduling, with software support, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Simply Accounting and numerous Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Work templates, all of which work together in a comprehensive yet flexible management system.

We have also implemented numerous recording procedures that allow us to track information i.e.: submittals, contact, meeting minutes, field reviews, change order, etc. These recording procedures are imperative to a successful project as they save time and money. This includes the review of claims and preparation of certificates for payment, as well as the tracking of statutory and deficiency holdbacks. The use of these two systems together provide for efficient project management and crucial redundancy for project information.


Project management files are set up at the beginning of each project to organize all project information: there are files for cost estimating, accounting and payment, as well as for all project forms and correspondence produced in-house and from all of the project stakeholders (clients and consultants). These files are readily available to our accounting department, office manager and project manager, which is very important to keep a project flowing and to retrieving information in a timely manner.

W. J. Murphy uses “MS Project”, we track our schedules on a weekly basis with our in-house and site staff. We then ensure that schedules are distributed to all sub trades and clients in order to expedite project completion.

Construction cost estimates are obtained by contacting three or four sub trades and suppliers from each work scope area (Master Format divisions). These firms are chosen to provide bids on our projects because they are capable and qualified: most of these pre-qualified firms have a long term working relationship with us. We provide them with adequate information and continuing correspondence throughout the tender process, so they are fully aware of their scope of work so that there are no gaps that would result in extras being requested later on in the project process.


Handling Overdue Deadlines and Tight Schedules

handlingIt happens. Whether the supplier you have contracted with has gone out of business or a fierce storm has caused a backlog on deliveries from the Nanaimo ferry, deadlines can be missed and schedules can get tighter. At W.J. Murphy Contracting Ltd., we will work with the architects to formulate a plan to get the project back on track and on time. We thrive on deadlines and tight schedules, and will work hard to ensure your government, commercial or industrial project is completed on time.

Streamlining Commercial Construction Processes

When working in any business, especially in construction where tight schedules and timelines abound, it is always necessary to have a plan – and backup plans when things go awry. Living on an Island, you may have to wait for a tardy ferry to arrive in Nanaimo to pick up the supplies that you need – that’s why it’s essential to have something else to work on during that time. They say the best-laid plans always fail – that’s why you need to have plan a, b and c. W.J. Murphy Contracting Ltd. will ensure your project maintains that tight schedule, for whatever your project is – governmental, commercial or industrial.